Her vision became sharper, almost hawk-like to observe moments others would find no significance in reacting to. Perhaps it was because of her sudden annoyance at the world or maybe there was no reason at all. Maybe she just had nothing else to do as she would mentally point out petty mistakes of others. Mistakes to her were fine. It was people’s ignorance to them that bothered her.

She saw their lack of awareness as they walked noticeably slower with their eyes fixed on their phone despite the dozen individuals behind them patiently waiting to get home faster. She felt frustration as a group of people were visibly louder than usual when the sign specifically say to be quiet as they are surrounded by hundreds of people around them hunching over to reach deadlines. She noticed their lack of empathy as they laughed manically at another’s descent. She could only roll her eyes at their obvious questions that were literally just answered.

These actions technically can not even be considered as mistakes. Possibly they were just people refusing to look or listen to their surroundings. Or their surroundings have muted themselves into silence as the individual is solely focused on themselves and the person in front of them. Since, constant noise, can become constant silence as you forget to focus on the sounds around you.

Can this even be considered ignorance? Can it be a type of neglect? A neglect to care. A neglect to being aware.

But doesn’t this make her a hypocrite. She’s more aware of herself than others. But it’s impossible to be aware every second of each day. She also finds herself often neglecting to look around herself. Being the one walking a bit too slow one day, blocking the path of another. Being too loud one minute, despite the clear need to be quiet. Asking the stupid question no one else had.

In the end, all of it doesn’t seem to matter. She might as well shut her eyes and become immune to the rest of the world forever.


Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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