What We Don’t Have

There’s a tendency among people to always want what they don’t have. It’s perfectly natural but it’s also a tragic irony. To another, your life might be a dream come true while their life might be your dream likewise. In the end, we choose not to be grateful for what we do have…making us utterly miserable. Of course, unless we choose not to be anymore. Recently facing this irony again and again among different people is a harsh reminder to not fall into that cycle. Or should I say, it’s to tell me to fall out of that cycle?


 A day ago, I migrated all of my followers from my old blog onto my current one. If you’re currently confused as to what you’re doing here on my new blog, you can unfollow whenever. I had forgotten to notify my followers on my old blog that I would be taking such a step but since you’re already here, it would be great if you continued to stay! Sending lots of love <3

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